Care is the cornerstone of our practice


Stuart qualified in 1999 with a BSc (Hons) and Masters (MSc) in Chiropractic from Bournemouth, the first and most prestigious college in Europe.  

He is a highly experienced therapist and qualified in a wide range of techniques including manual therapy, Pilates, acupuncture and myofascial release techniques. He is passionate about helping people with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, feel better and manage their symptoms in the most optimal way. 

Stuart has been having Chiropractic care since he was in his teens, following a severe injury to his spine. Having experienced first-hand how this Chiropractic helped and worked, he became motivated to study not just chiropractic, but other techniques and emerging treatments that help people to enjoy a pain free and active life. He is passionate about researching the latest clinical techniques and manipulation therapies within Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy as well as other treatments to make sure that his patients receive the best possible care that is available for them.