Care is the cornerstone of our practice

Deborah Sheppard

Before visiting Spinal and Natural I was suffering with tendinitis of my right shoulder, lower back pain and numbness/itching/pins and needles in my right thigh. I was fearful of the adjustments being painful. But after a few sessions my shoulder felt much better and has continued to be pain-free. And I shouldn’t have worried about the adjustment.

After approximately 2 months of regular visits my shoulder pain has gone and 70% of the numbness in my leg has also gone. I feel more focused, less stiff and head feels clearer, Stuart is amazing and extremely knowledgeable.

July 2022

Katie Hurran

Before visiting Spinal and Natural Healthcare I was very anxious, miserable and in constant pain. I wasn’t sure this was going to help but had to try. 

After my first few visits, I felt relief, I had some answers and reassurance as to how and why I was feeling the way I was. Mentally I knew this was now going to help and physically I felt the difference. 

Now, after a few weeks I feel a lot better, I still have a long way to go but I already feel much happier and believe that this is having a positive effect on not just my physical health but m mental state. Stuart and the team are amazing, he has every answer and reassurance I need and will take the time to listen to any questions I have. They are all so friendly and welcoming and it’s nice to meet other there, also dealing with the same things. 

July 2022

Joshua Hunter

Before visiting Spinal and Natural I was scared and skeptical about chiropractic and fear of making my ailments worse and being in more pain and worse than I was before.

After going through a few sessions, I was still a bit apprehensive but followed through with the process and trusted Stuart to do what was necessary.

Now, being under Stuart for a month now, he is so reassuring it makes you feel like you matter unlike other health practices haha but seriously I’m feeling a lot better, able to move more, less pain and doing normal work duties. Just overall Better actually feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

I’d also like to add, trust the process, do expect some discomfort but put the work in. It’s not a 5-minute fix.

Dec 2022

Michelle Hawkins

Before visiting Spinal and Natural my back hurt all the time. But now, after several weeks it feels so much better. It’s great, I feel like a new person  and a lot more mobile. 

Jan 2023

Neil Petit (google review) 

Very thorough investigation to my issues. Full explanation of problem and proposed treatment. After only one session I had regained pain relief and a lot more motion. After 10 treatments totally out of pain and able to return to activities I hadn’t been able to do for a long time. Can’t thank Stuart enough for this.

March 2023

Michael Champness

Can’t recommend Stuart highly enough. Been suffering with my back for years and although I have a way to go, I can already feel a difference after 5 weeks. Flexible with appointments and always get a warm welcome from the reception ladies. Top notch

Jan 2023