Care is the cornerstone of our practice

Now down to business! The purpose of these ‘Relief Phase’ exercises and stretches is to get your body ready and able to start doing the all important ‘Correction and Strengthening’ exercises needed to compliment your care through ‘Stage 1’ and on to ‘Stage 2’.

‘Stage 2’ covers Supportive or Wellness Care and the main reason we want to get you to this stage is to help prevent you from regressing back to where you sought our care in the first place. This is explained in the introductory video on the Front Page. Once you are on our ‘Stage 2’ programme, should you get an occasional ache or pain, you will be perfectly placed for us to get you up and running without delay. If you are on our Platinum Care Programme this will also be at no extra cost to your basic monthly payment.

As you can see I have broken the relief care exercises into a couple of simple groups.

Stretches and Postural Exercises

Both of these should be done at least three times a day with the exception of the wall exercise which can be done as many times a day as you like. In fact the more the merrier!

So you can now get started and if you are currently seeing one of our spinal health care practitioners and have any queries or problems such as pain whilst doing an exercise then please give the Centre a call and your practitioner will help you through any issues you may have encountered. Remember, that if you do an exercise and it causes pain, due to the mild nature of these exercises, then I would suggest booking a consultation at your earliest convenience as there is obviously a problem that needs addressing.

As explained, it is imperative that all Centre members who are enrolled in the ‘New Patient Healthcare Class’ always attend the class and thus gain the maximum benefit from care.

Diet is Key to Good Health

A couple of simple changes to your diet can really make a big difference.

You should really be looking at the following changes.


Sugar, Caffeine, and if possible gluten, soya products and cow dairy.


Water , pro biotics and whole food nutrition.

Click on the links below to view one of our Relief Phase exercise videos.

Postural Exercises

Diet is Key to Good Health

Perfect exercise for working that upper back posture. Also helps with upper back range of motion.

The Perfect Posture Exercise

This exercise is great to improve your posture, help with neck pain and upper back pain. It is good for headaches and shoulder pains as well. You can’t do this one enough!

How to use the Wobble Board

The wobble board is an excellent tool for increasing nerve input into the brain and helping with those nagging back pains and neck pains. It is also good for helping to prevent injuries and help to recover from common sports injuries, in particular ankle sprains and strains.

Lower Body

Low Back Range of Motion Exercises

Easy range of motion exercises to help stretch the low back muscles if you get simple aches and pains. Great to help get movement back into the spine for first phase relief care.

Hip Range of Motion Stretch

Excellent lower body and hip stretch. Care must be taken with this one! Great for hip restrictions and pain in the buttocks.

Upper Body

Upper Body and Shoulder Stretch

Excellent stretch for the upper body to stretch out tight shoulder muscles. Very good for frozen shoulder and other upper back restrictions and aches and pains.

Neck Range of Motion Exercises

Neck range of motion exercises for neck pain relief. Excellent for headaches and other upper back and neck ache and pains.