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WINBACK energy is compatible with all chronic and acute conditions. In this area, treatment provides visible results as early as the first session (increased range of motion, analgesia, revascularization). The organic return optimizes the healing process while limiting fibrosis.


The rapid elimination of pain is crucial for more effective rehabilitation. The therapist can then start treatment with a faster and deeper action. The analgesic effect lasts for up to 48 hours.


Osteoarthritic conditions: pain relief, deep drainage of oedema, enhance range of motion. Chronic tendinopathy, epicondylalgia, neck pain, acute and chronic low back pain, capsulitis, joint stiffness.

Lymphatic drainage

WINBACK energy optimizes aspiration, pressure and resorption movements and accelerates the manual techniques used in lymphatic drainage. Although the effects are immediate, treatment focuses on the mechanical effect, i.e. the rapid and effective removal of excess fluid.


WINBACK Sport offers a full range of treatments provided by qualified health professionals in a welcoming environment. Sports professionals benefit from exclusive and personalized care.


WINBACK SPORT responds to emergency treatment for acute musculoskeletal injuries. WINBACK energy combined with immediate treatment reduces the extent of the trauma and provides a quick, efficient return to physical activity. Trauma causes contusions and is treated immediately to restructure the damaged tissue and stop the inflammatory process. Preoperatively, effusions and oedema are reduced – thus facilitating surgery. Postoperatively, therapeutic complications are reduced.


After a competition, a deep tissue massage with WINBACK energy effectively relaxes the muscles that have been strained by intense effort. These stimulating and relaxing movements restore the biomechanical structure more quickly while improving muscle tone. Muscle spasm, stiffness, new and old muscle injuries: sprains, tears, strains, muscular contusions.


The sport physiotherapist’s task is to identify weaknesses in the patient’s biomechanical functions. They combines strengthening and rehabilitation in an injury prevention program. He then corrects posture to prevent poor movement triggering a weakness.


The upheavals that can alter a woman’s life quality are numerous, and physical therapists and midwives play a fundamental role in accompanying them throughout the major stages of their lives. By working together with specialists from all over the
world, we have developed treatment protocols covering all the problems that can affect your patients: relieving pain, helping women to regain their intimate comfort, accelerating healing, improving the tone of the perineum, reducing pelvic pain,
regulating urinary disorders, helping with breastfeeding…

Recover natural comfort

Disturbance of the nervous flow: immediate & lasting antalgia. The release of the pain at the touch favors a deep and sustained active massage. Effects : anti-inflammatory, tissue hydration, muscle tone, tissue stimulation,
restoration of vaginal trophicity.

Sexual & urinary problems

Menopause or other events, such as childbirth, can bring about a series of physiological changes that alter the quality of life of your patients. Incontinence, vaginal dryness, dysuria… can be easily resolved with a Winback treatment. Hands-free pieces specially designed for uro gynecological treatments have been developed by Winback.


Winback Aesthetic offers a full range of technologies to enhance face and body treatments and reveal natural beauty. Non-invasive and 100% natural for the skin, beauty professionals can combine the Winback energy with their massage techniques to deliver more efficiently immediate and lasting results.

Regenerating action

The regeneration of skin tissue is the first action of tecartherapy. It will activate the intra and extracellular exchanges of the skin’s layers to strenghten in depth its structure.

By stimulating the fibroblasts, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin for an immediate and visible tightening effect. Wrinkles fade and the skin, plumped up, regains a natural glow.

Energizing action

Winback energy also enables gradient activation. This action results in a boost of energy, increased blood circulation and will use up fat reserves. Result: immediate release of fats and elimination of toxin.

With Winback tecartherapy, patients experience a real rejuvenation with incredible results in revitalization, fat reduction, body contouring and toning.