Care is the cornerstone of our practice

Is the Treatment Painful?

No. Manipulation therapies and adjustment procedures are chosen for each patient taking into account patient comfort, the condition and state of progress. Occasionally adjustments to a chronic or severe problem may cause mild discomfort, but this does not persist.

Am I too old?

Age really is no barrier! All manipulation therapies and treatments are safe for people of any age; procedures differ for the very young, those with bone disease such as Osteoporosis and the elderly. Care will always be tailored to the individual as everyone is different.

Can your treatments and therapies help people with Arthritis?

Yes. One of the consequences of ordinary Osteoarthritis or Spondylosis is that the joints become stiff and painful. If this stiffness is allowed to advance unchecked it can be very disabling. By improving the mobility of the joints manipulation therapies and treatments can help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with arthritis.

Are these treatments safe?

All manipulation therapies and treatments provided by us are remarkably safe when carried out by a suitably qualified practitioner. In fact a number of studies have shown that treatments such as ours are significantly safer then common alternatives such as long-term use of pain killers, anti-inflammatory medications (visit to read more) or surgery.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on your particular condition, its severity and your response to treatment.

What happens at the end of the treatment?

At the conclusion of a course of treatment many of our patients choose to attend the Clinic periodically in much the same way as they do with the Dentist. Periodic visits can help maintain what has been achieved through treatment, much like regularly servicing you car, prevents it breaking down and failing on you. All recommendations are always research based.

Will I need x-rays?

This depends on the nature of the case. If you have x-rays or MRI scans, then please bring these with you to your initial consultation.

Can I help myself as well

Absolutely! Recent research has indicated that patients who perform rehabilitative exercises in conjunction with their manipulation therapies and treatments improve more quickly than those who do not. During your care we will discuss exercises that will help your condition.